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How to write a master's thesis in law with observance of the necessary nuances?

The difference between work in law and a dissertation in other disciplines is as follows:

  • The topic can be widely covered, but always with an element of novelty, for example: "Insurance of professional liability of a doctor in USA."
  • The collected sources are conventionally divided into several groups: legislative acts, dissertations of famous scientists, scientific works, judicial practice, monographs, articles.
  • The analysis of the situation begins with the legislative framework, then moves on to the works of scientists on this topic, confirming with examples from judicial practice. As a result, the dissertation candidate must formulate his own position.
  • Features of the introduction : the relevance of the problem raised in the field of law should be indicated, linking it with regulatory documents and legal acts. If you are struggle with finding relevance to your work, WriteMyPapersCompany service can be usefull during writing law master thesis.
  • In the second and third sections, a deep analysis of the current legislation is carried out in relation to the issue under consideration and taking into account the prospects for the development of this legal phenomenon.
  • The design of the applications is mandatory . Unlike other disciplines, the dissertation rightfully does not contain tables, diagrams, formulas. Instead, the problems of legislation are illustrated with the help of generalized statistical data, results of questionnaires, and acts of implementation.

The master's program is of great value for improving existing legislation. The best results are repeatedly studied, introduced into practice, used as a basis for training and improving the work of law enforcement agencies.

Writing a dissertation work related to legal issues is a complex and lengthy process that requires a high concentration of efforts and significant preparation. Help in this matter can be provided by high-level professionals - candidates and doctors of science, who will carry out scientific and qualification work of any complexity to order.

The company "a+ on paper" offers its services in writing a master's thesis in law in compliance with all the rules and methodology, check for unique of the text and also free revision at any stage of order.

What is the difference between defending a dissertation in law?

For the award of a master's degree in law, a dissertation candidate must defend his work before a commission consisting of a scientific advisor, teachers of the institute and invited persons.

The fundamental difference is that all members of the dissertation council must have a specialization in the topic specified in the dissertation. Defense can be carried out both in Foreign and in English (in the second case, an obligatory translation is carried out.

Mandatory requirements for defending a dissertation in law:

  • The volume of work is 80-100 pages.
  • Mandatory presence of the author's abstract, with which the members of the commission are familiarized.
  • The number of articles published by the author is 2 or more.
  • The presence of a scientific supervisor's review and a specialist's review on the topic of the dissertation work.

An important part of the defense is the preparation of the report . Its structure is closer to the report for the defense of the candidate dissertation work, and requires taking into account the following details:

  • The text itself should not take more than 5 pages - no more than 7-10 minutes are allocated for the opening speech when defending the master's thesis. Before performing, you need to prepare using a stopwatch. If the speaker does not fit into the specified time period, you need to edit the report.
  • After the completion of the speech, the candidate for the dissertation may be asked questions regarding the introduction of amendments to the comments of the reviewer. Such remarks are expressed by both the specialist and other opponents during the pre-defense.
  • It is necessary to print the text in several copies for those who wish to familiarize themselves with it.
  • Particular attention during the presentation should be paid to the analysis of the results obtained - it should take about 70 percent of the allotted time. The more fully and convincingly the dissertation candidate expresses, the fewer questions from the commission awaits him at the defense.

The basic requirements for protection are in  accordance with generally accepted standards . The defense is carried out in the form of a scientific discussion. After the presentation of the supervisor, other members of the attestation commission can ask questions to the candidate for the degree. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for the design of work at essays writing help, before starting writing.

In answering them, it is recommended, first of all, to rely on legislative acts, standards, examples from judicial practice. This approach will demonstrate excellent knowledge of the discipline and the ability to find practical applications for it.

Successful defense of the master's thesis with excellent marks even with help opens up new opportunities for the dissertation candidate. So, graduates of the magistracy who received a red diploma, the Academic Council of the University can recommend for admission to graduate school. This will allow combining the main activity in the field of law with further training for obtaining a PhD degree.

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